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Sherwood Hills Baptist Church celebrated its 40th anniversary on December 31, 2015.

Missionary John White and his family left their home, Little Rock, Arkansas USA in 1969 to start a new ministry in the land of Australia. Once they established a base in the Macarthur region, the Whites began knocking on doors inviting families to Sunday School and Services. The first service was attended by approximately 80 people. As people were being saved and choosing to be baptized, the ministry grew and the people decided to build a church to be a permanent fixture in the community.

With much prayer and planning, work began in 1973. The foundation was laid in 1974 and it was completed in 1975. Completion would not have been possible without the Lord’s guidance and the willingness of the people to voluntarily work.

The building was completed and officially opened on December 14, 1975. Approximately 180 people attended the Dedication service. Sherwood Hills Baptist Church was formally organised on December 31, 1975.

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Through the years, God has proven his faithfulness to His church. We have had ups and downs but it is only by God’s grace and providence that Sherwood Hills Baptist Church still stands today. Please pray for us. Pray that the Lord continues to guide, keep and bless His ministry here in Bradbury, NSW and around the world.

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