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Pastor Stewart and a group of young adults were recently in Fiji to attend the Nausori Baptist Church Missions Conference.

Right off the bat, NBCA put Pastor Stewart to work at their annual Car Wash. The Annual NBCA Car Wash is a two day event to raise money for the school learning facilities. Pastor Stewart was placed in charge of the BBQ stall which suited Pastor just fine with his love of meat.

After the Car Wash, the group travelled three hours north by bus to Barotu Village to visit Pastor Nikola and his family. Pastor Nikola is pastor of Barotu Baptist Church, a mission work of Nausori Baptist Church. Pastor Nikola and his family welcomed the group with open arms and warm hearts. They showed us the beauty of their home and village, but more importantly, we were moved by their faithfulnesses to the Lord, standing strong and firm in the faith that was passed on to them. Pastor Nikola and his family are shining lights in Barotu Village. Please pray that the Lord sustains and keeps them.

The Nausori Baptist Church Missions Conference was held from Tuesday to Thursday, November 15-17 and Sunday November 20. Pastor Stewart began by presenting the challenge “Are you willing?.” Through the week, he shared lessons from the Book of Nehemiah. On Tuesday night, he introduced Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer, who lived a comfortable life in the palace and how he heard of the plight of the displaced Jews. On Wednesday night, Pastor Stewart shared how Nehemiah left the palace to go to Jerusalem to build the wall because he cared. On Thursday night, he showed that everyone must do their part to complete the wall.

We were not only blessed by spiritual food, but also food provided and prepared by different members of the church every night.

Sherwood Hills Baptist Church would like to express our gratitutde to Nausori Baptist Church of their hospitality. It has been a blessings to be with you encouraging one another in missions and in the Lord. We look forward to meeting again for the Baptist Fellowship Meetings in 2012 hosted by Nausori Baptist Church.

Please enjoy the photos from the Missions Trip